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About GrowCapital SA

We Help Businesses With Cash Flow When They Need It Most

At GrowCapital SA we know the running expenses of a small business or retail establishment can make it difficult to revamp or expand with existing working capital. That is why we offer merchant cash advance to retailers and SMEs, creating opportunity for growth by increasing cash flow instantly.

How we do it?

Affordable finance is provided based on the individual need of each business.
All costs are transparent and agreed upon up front, while repayment is linked to turnover.
We simply call it the ultimate retail finance solution.

What Is Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant cash advance is finance provided to a business in exchange for a pre-determined percentage of future sales. Merchant cash advance is therefore not a loan but a sale of your future turnover for cash today.

Merchant Cash Advance Finance Uses

Merchant cash advance can help your business finance:



Bulk stock

New hardware / software



Working capital

Partner buyouts

Tax payments

or anything your heart desires!

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