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Why Choose GrowCapital SA

Our Merchant Cash Advance Benefits

See why businesses choose GrowCapital SA as their preferred partner for quick, easy financing solutions.

Effortless application

All we need is a few simple answers and statements from you. No need to undergo a stringent approval process.

Quick turnaround-time

We know that when you need money it is usually urgent. That is why we try and make our process as quick as possible. From completing and successfully qualifying for a merchant cash advance, up until payment reflects in your bank account takes no more than 5 days.

No security required

No fixed assets are required as security for the finance

Flexible repayment amount

Together we agree on a daily repayment amount based on your turnover. The repayment amount may be adjusted to follow turnover fluctuations, if necessary.

Stress-free repayment

By repaying a small daily amount as percentage of your sales, the stress to repay a large sum at the end of the month is taken off your shoulders.


Merchant cash advance is not a loan, therefore no interest rates or penalties apply and no hidden costs involved.

Cash when you need it most

There comes a time in a business’ life cycle where a lack of funds is the only thing standing between the company being able to take that next step. We want to help retail and small businesses in South Africa take this vitally important next step without the burden of having to take on a formal business loan.

No restrictions on use of funds

The money is transferred directly to your bank account and you may use it as you wish.

Early settlement discounts

We reward our customers with early settlement discounts of up to 50% of funding costs.

Simple re-advance procedure

Simple and easy to apply for a re-advance when 60% of the initial funding is repaid.

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